Hoosier Corners Square Dance Club, Inc.

Richmond, Indiana
Dance Location
          Most dances:   Richmond Senior Community Center
                                  1600 South 2nd Street
                                  Richmond, Indiana  47374
The dance floor is wooden, we have a good sound system, plenty of parking space, and air conditioning for the summer months.  See our dance schedule for addresses of any alternate dance locations.

Our Dance Format 

       -   Dances are held the first and fifth Saturdays monthly.
       -   Regular dances start at 7:00 P.M. for pre-rounds and continue with alternating squares and rounds from 7:30-10:00 P.M. 
        -  Dances consist of mainstream and plus calls.
        -  From December through April our first Saturday dances are Hi-Lo (every other square tip is at the current level for area

        -  We have an array of visiting callers and cuers for our dances. 

     - Though square dance attire of short, full skirts and can-cans is beautiful and is the official dress, it is not required.    Many 
          ladies prefer prairie skirts, and often we see slacks at regular dances.
        - Hoosier Corners specifies the summer months of June,  July, and August as "casual attire" except for special dances.   Slacks,
          blue jeans, the square dance "fu-fu", and shorts are all acceptable at our casual attire dances.

        - We often have "theme" dances, and anything goes.  Roaring 20s, crazy hat dance, wear your favorite team's T-shirt, and
          Hawaiian luau just to name a few.

        - Special dances and conventions often have specified attire per notice on the flyers.
        - It is wise to wear comfortable shoes with hard soles that allow for twirling.

                                Member:   Miami Valley Dance Council in Ohio
                                Member:   Indiana Dancers Association of Indiana

We participate in Raids and Retrievals, an activity where when at least eight members of a club visit a hosting club (raid), they can steal their banner.  The hosting club has to retrieve it by sending at least eight of their members back to a dance.  It's fun way to promote interaction between clubs.

We welcome visitors, students, and mystery trips.  Please come join us!

Our History

In the mid-1980s in Wayne County, Indiana two square dance clubs were struggling with declining memberships.  These were the Nettle Creek Steppers of Hagerstown and the Boots and Slippers of Richmond.   Many dancers were members of both clubs, and with so few dancers, it got to the point that members had to be an officer in one club or the other or in some cases, in both.  In 1987 at a joint meeting of the two clubs, a decision was made to merge into one club, retaining the corporate status of one and the by-laws of the other.

In coming up with a name for the new club, they wanted one that would make reference to Wayne County or to Indiana.  Several names were suggested, but none seemed just right until one night at lessons when a student entered his suggestion.  The club caller, who was lessons teacher, always asked at lessons, "Who's your corner?" so the student suggested Hoosier Corners.  The name fit with the goal of a reference to Indiana, so it was adopted.  The Hoosier Corners Square Dance Club, Inc. held their first dance under the new name in February 1988.

Hoosier Corners Square Dance Club, Inc. 
Richmond, Indiana